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A commercial legal service you won’t hesitate to call.

Building a successful business takes energy, skill and a keen instinct for striking while the iron is hot. As any business owner knows, delivering your product or service is only half the battle.

When the pressure is on to seal deals and deliver the value that your hard won clients demand, keeping key players onside and costs down all the while, it’s easy to skim over ensuring that all your legal ‘t’s are crossed and ‘i’s are dotted.

And it’s not just your business. You also need to make sure that you and your family security are on firm ground now and in the future.
Tiger to Go exists to help you make sure that both your business and your family are built on firm foundations and that the law is always on your side. If you do find yourself in a dispute you can access quality legal support when you need it at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Because our focus is on you and your success.

More affordable law & HR

Rapid, proactive and cost-effective


Our expert services help you deal with every legal obligation and challenge you face as a business owner. Faster, more affordably and with far less fuss than a traditional law firm.

We work with business owners, lawyers and non-legal professionals, providing professionally drafted legal documents and comprehensive business support. We pride ourselves in offering a seamless, rapid and proactive service, ensuring that you are provided with the most cost-effective and flexible solution. We can source any legal expertise you and your business need.

We provide a full range of services – from drafting letters and documents, to placing an in-house solicitor in your business on a regular or ad hoc basis, all the way to litigation if required. We keep your costs to a minimum, and design a tactical “battle plan” to suit you and your goals.


01233 227356

Our Services

Supporting you as you go

Trading policies

Great customer relationships are built on clear and legally sound policies so that everyone involved fully understands what to expect. Tiger to Go doesn’t just provide affordable policy documents, we make sure that you understand what you are committing to thoroughly. And of course, nothing encourages your customer’s confidence in your business more than being able to see exactly what you promise and what the limits are in black and white.

Contracts & Agreements

When important business is on the table it’s important to move fast and confidently. Access Tiger to Go’s expert advice during negotiations and when the time comes to ink the deal rely on us to supply a comprehensive agreement that works for both parties with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

And all at far less cost than a traditional law firm. Build on good foundations, make it legally binding!

Terms & Conditions

However you trade, you want to be sure that every transaction you enter is on your terms. Every business is different and you need to be sure you are not leaving yourself open to disputed invoices or unforeseen liabilities under the Consumers Act. We help you set out how and when the contract is formed, when monies become due and all the specifics of the supply of goods and/or services. Don’t rely on cut-&-paste templates, this must work for you.

Our Fee Solutions

Designed to work for your budget

Tiger to Go is always happy to work on one-off instructions on a fixed fee.

But we also have a number of different ways that we can offer our services so that we can provide a mixed-and-matched level of service that is just right for your requirements and budget.

It all starts with a free-of-charge consultation which can take place face to face or over the phone, as you prefer.


An Ideal Start

You decide when you need us, we fix a fee for the work you need at that point and get it done. A simple and effective way to work. Rather than clocking up hourly charges, we fix fees for each piece of work we take on and, if you need more than one document or service, we package these together and apply a discount. It works for you and it works for us.



If you need more regular assistance, we can agree a retainer with you. You can start at as little as half a day a month and build on it. After consultation, we set aside the agreed hours just for you, keep an eye on usage over the month and regularly review that it’s working for all of us. It's a flexible but reassuring way to know that you are legally covered.



We place a qualified solicitor inside your business at a fraction of the cost of instructing a law firm externally. You have the protection, efficiency and kudos of in-house legal counsel. We get to know the business inside and out and are ready to advise and react from insight an external firm cannot match - much more affordably.

The Tiger Group

For your business growth & evolution

Tiger to Go works in tandem with our two sister companies, Tiger Law and Tiger HR to help you manage the entire growth and evolution of your business. 


Tiger Law

Tiger Law provides fully qualified legal advice and representation with a focus on protecting you, your business and your family. Turn to Tiger Law to solve problems and ensure that your business relationships and transactions are conducted securely and in compliance with your legal rights and responsibilities and to protect your personal future so that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Tiger Law is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to provide services under the professional code of conduct of a law firm.

Tiger to Go exists because we know that many of the clients that Tiger Law and Tiger HR support and represent through litigation and tribunals could have avoided it if they had had proper protection from the get-go. 

With T2G it doesn’t have to be like that. We provide the documentation you need to ensure your business is safe from needless and expensive litigation at far less cost than traditional law firms.

Call T2G:

01233 227356

Tiger HR

Our dedicated HR consultancy Tiger HR provides employers with savvy solutions to fill gaps, create new ways of working, address crises or set you up with a complete flexible, ongoing HR management:

+ HR Compliance and Support
+ Dispute Resolution
+ Settlement Agreements
+ Legal Training for staff
+ Recruitment & Interviewing
+ Employee Handbooks

It all adds up to less stress, more efficiency and lower cost for you as a client.

Get us on the case

Let's make sure the law is on your side

Our unique service offers you:

Advice that always has your total commercial picture in view.

Rapid response phone support without a hidden price tag.

Loyal service that’s always in your corner.

“…the commercial and employment departments of a law firm but in a truly business-friendly way, on fixed fees at much more competitive rates.”

Don’t leave it to chance. Having the right paperwork in place is vital to moving confidently and competitively forward.

Start with a free of charge consultation to assess what you do and don’t need, or, if you know what your issues are and want to get us on the case right now, just drop us a line and let us know.

Welcome to Tiger to Go

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